My name is Olga and I am a little bit crazy about Teddy bears and wool.
All my childhood I was surrounded by craft.
As a lot of women I can’t live without crafts.
So from 2011 I started making Teddy bears. Over time I learned a lot and now I can make real Artist Teddy Bears from my own created patterns. Creating Teddy bears is a big passion of mine. I use only the best materials: German mohair fur, viscose, alpaca, suede, silk ribbons, glass eyes and other.
My creations found homes all over the world. So I hope you will find here a Teddy which will be your best friend ;)

My home page: http://izolda.jimdo.com/

Hugs, Ola

My awards:
Teddy Bear Total 2015, nominee (felted animal)
International Moscow Dimond Bear 2015, 1st place (friends teddy)
International Moscow Dimond Bear 2015, nominee (dressed bear)
First Russian OnLine Show TeddyMonopoly, 2st place (friends teddy)
Teddy Bear Total 2016, nominee (diorama)
Teddy Bear Total 2016, Golden George (fantasy)
Alfonso Bear Artist Award 2017 , first place (bear with the profession)
URSA Award 2017, first place (medium outfitted bear)